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In partnership with the largest tensile structure maker in the world, we set out to redefine glamping with a unique character and upscale charm.

Our modern aesthetic is marked by unique shapes, furnishings by Restoration Hardware, hardwood and marble floors, and solid walls made of glass panels.

Our tents range from 500 - 2,000 sq ft., with bathrooms up to 500 sq ft. 

These structures can be deployed on uneven terrain through the use of adjustable leg jacks, cutting out the costs of poured foundations or ground leveling. This renders assembly a task that many people can accomplish without the need for tools.


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The pandemic has focused our vision.

We realized that what we were building could actually play a much more important role in a post-COVID landscape. We also saw the hit that Mariposa (and other gateway towns) took when tourism to Yosemite dried up. 
We felt like we were on the verge of building something pretty special, but with COVID, we realized we could solve some real problems if we could figure out a good model that would allow people to stay at EVP for longer periods and that, combined with traditional stays at EVP, could actually help diversify the local economy in this place we’ve come to love.
- Willie Morris, speaking to SF Gate
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