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DRIVE at EVP is like nothing you’ve ever experienced! With three schools that allow you to explore the boundaries of EVs, there's something for everyone. 

Tesla Off-Road Driving Academy

Enjoy casual time behind the wheel, professional rally instruction, or expert car control lessons (for anyone, including teens) in our Tesla Model 3’s with modified off-road suspensions. 


SUV Off-Road Adventures

Looking to experience the power of e-pickups?   This school will offer instruction in the backcountry to show best how to navigate through various kinds of terrain with less damage to vehicles and the environment.

E Ride with KTM 

This program is geared toward riders that are new to the world of dirt roads. We'll introduce you to the basic principles of off-road riding and will help you understand much more about the capabilities of the KTM Freeride electric dirt bike.

The E Ride program and course is being designed by professional AMA Supercross and Motocross phenom Josh Hill. 


Since all of these vehicles are electric, they don’t create noise pollution or noxious fumes for our nature-loving guests, or our neighbors.


How quiet are they? Beginning this year Tesla will emit a sound at low speed to warn pedestrians of their presence. And a single Can Am quad creates a 10x higher DB level than all EVs/Moto's/RC cars operating in EVP at the same time (we've tested it :). 

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