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mariposa county is rich with culture and raw beauty.

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Mariposa County residents will have full access to the park, restaurant, and special events. For those interested in owning a structure on the property and joining EVP, we welcome you.
For the sake of our neighbors, we won’t be allowing gas-powered vehicles to drive in the park, and we look forward to preserving and celebrating all of the natural beauty Mt. Bullion has to offer. 
​We'll be hiring locally – and offering job training for those interested in learning a new skill relevant to our operations. Our employees will have a competitive package and the park's 21st-century lodging will be available to them as well, year-round.  

Locals looking to start a business that serves park guests will have the opportunity to join an entrepreneurial learning community and access community-based microloans. ​

Why build a website for something that doesn't exist yet? 
First, because we’re dreamers and risk-takers. But the primary purpose of this website is to test demand for the different lodging options, and for a lack of a better way to say it, see if anyone wants to do it. 

What about the race track?
When we first began this journey, we had a ton of ideas. Most of them are no longer part of the plan. We'll have an off-road driving school to teach car control (with Teslas), and additionally, offer instruction to law enforcement and military. 

We want to thank the community members who have taken the time to share their hopes and dreams as we craft our vision for EVP.

We are grateful for your feedback and look forward to many more discussions with local residents about our project. Let’s build something fun together!

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